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About Me

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My name is Jorge Reyes, and I specialize in motion graphics. My primary experience comes from working with a local government known as Orange County Utilities. I also have experience as a Multimedia Specialist for a Home Automation company called Neocontrol. I've done various projects with them such as an Annual Meeting Video which was very successful as well as a New Hire Orientation video which showcases what the company does and their mission. For Neocontrol I've done various ads, commercials, training videos, and other informative videos.


I have had 7 years of professional experience so far. I have done more than just motion graphics. Those 7 years also contributed to my skills in Graphic Design and Video Production. My experience with video production also came from working with a talented group known as DeMarco Films which focused on wedding videos told from a cinematic perspective as well as music videos and short films.


I am very easygoing and team oriented. I believe anything can be done given the right tools for the job. I'm always willing to learn new things, because you never know when you will need it.

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